Actuar o Pensar

Sadistically speaking rash actions are so much more fun than just quietly thinking about what you want to do. I grew up on impulse unfortunately not acting out on all i wanted truly in life, yes i mightve missed a couple kisses or two of the girl i wanted growing up, just cuz i was to chicken shit to act without thinking. Life is boring unless you spice it up with your own flavor, yes.. chef metaphors... anywho the average youth is either impulsive or a hollow shell, but what im tryin to accomplish is mixing both, acting on the things that require immediate action and retracting myself deep into thought for life challenging situations.


I need time to travel, clear my head of any clouds shrouding my thoughts, poetically speaking. Im almost graduating, and i have no idea what the future holds for me, but i do have some things i want to do before knowing what i wanna end up doing... some special people i cant wait to see, and i kno if i dont see them again... at least 4 more times in this lifetime, it couldnt be called a LIFE.



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