shiv shiv shiv.

Purple Violets.

purple violets.

"I dont know what it is about me that interests you..."

I repeat this to myself, constantly, almost religously, and why could i, when i consider myself a mistery... I'm not... that misterious at all am i? I'm socially accepted by mostly everybody but, still i feel out of place. I approach you with caution with fear that you wont recognize me. One day im loveable, the next day im a creep, day after that im sensitive, day after that im too busy to care about anything. I'm tired, not of you but of me, and this transitional storyline that goes without sayin is... pathetic.

Review my life now, would you? What do i have as an accomplishment?.... Sigh, Sigh, Sigh all you want, but you kno you have something to tell.. right? I'm angry, and happy, and sad, and im alive... which means im grateful.

Im inlove with denial, obsessed with regret, a hard crush with insecurity. I found you, didnt i? Then why cant i... why cant you... ill think this through, over and over again... but in the end its the same, i just pour my feelings out onto a keyboard, i think, i write, i erase, i write again... I think, I do... I did? i cant.. erase... I do again. F word.

Shivers down my spine, blood rushes to my cheeks, im still not complete, i have dreams i have needs i have wants, i have only a few haves, i need more needs. Young adult my ass.

quien soy?

"Soy una alguien que me cuesta describir, pienso de una manera y actuó de otra. Mi forma de pensar es singular y pocas personas entienden como funciono, debido al hecho de que no veo la vida a través de lentes normales si no a través de caleidoscopios, donde cada segundo, un color y una forma nueva aparece rompiendo la monotonía que es mi vida. Soy como todo joven de mi edad, pensador, pienso y pienso dándole cabeza a cosas que con concentrarse y calmarse son fáciles de resolver. Me gusta el deporte desde pequeño, no en el sentido competitivo sino en sacar satisfacción en esforzar su cuerpo al máximo y sonreír a la misma vez. Me encanta dormir, escapándome de la realidad de vez en cuando logro alivianar el peso que me persigue por causa de mis preocupaciones universitarias y personales.
Soy extrovertido, y me alegra mantenerme feliz, siempre sonriendo y haciendo que las personas a mi alrededor la pasen bien, cuando veo a alguien con una cara larga intento contarles un chiste o de forma graciosa conversar para sacarles al menos una sombra de lo que sería una sonrisa, esas son mis recompensas al final del día. Me considero maduro para lo que quiero, siempre seré un niño de corazón. Tengo dedicación para las cosas que me interesan y si no lo hacen pues intento dedicarles el doble de tiempo, soy muy distraído y al no gustarme hacer ciertas cosas las obvio aunque sean buenas para mi formación futura. Se distinguir entre lo bueno y lo malo, intento mantener una vida limpia e la cual me beneficie para mi crecimiento en todas las maneras posibles, porque creo que a través de experiencias es que uno crece con mayor facilidad.

Aprecio las cosas pequeñas que me da la vida, caminar en la lluvia, comer helado, cantar en un lugar repleto de personas, son cosas que me hacen sentirme a gusto conmigo mismo y a la vida que intento llevar. No tengo talentos especiales, ni sé hacer magia pero soy un perfeccionista compulsivo, especialmente al hacer trabajos arquitectónicos, cada vez que tengo una entrega no importa si no tengo tiempo tiene que estar justo como yo lo imagine para que sea un retrato exacto de mi visión, ni más ni menos. Estudio Arquitectura por varias razones pero la principal es que soy muy inquieto con las manos, me gusta hacer maquetas y dibujar desde pequeño, solía jugar con Legos imaginando que eran bloques de construcción, creando edificios extravagantes con puertas imposibles para la realidad pero me gustaba imaginar que en un mundo donde se podía crear lo que sea, fuera así."



Actuar o Pensar

Sadistically speaking rash actions are so much more fun than just quietly thinking about what you want to do. I grew up on impulse unfortunately not acting out on all i wanted truly in life, yes i mightve missed a couple kisses or two of the girl i wanted growing up, just cuz i was to chicken shit to act without thinking. Life is boring unless you spice it up with your own flavor, yes.. chef metaphors... anywho the average youth is either impulsive or a hollow shell, but what im tryin to accomplish is mixing both, acting on the things that require immediate action and retracting myself deep into thought for life challenging situations.


I need time to travel, clear my head of any clouds shrouding my thoughts, poetically speaking. Im almost graduating, and i have no idea what the future holds for me, but i do have some things i want to do before knowing what i wanna end up doing... some special people i cant wait to see, and i kno if i dont see them again... at least 4 more times in this lifetime, it couldnt be called a LIFE.



T r a v e l.... through time and space.

Conocerte de pies a cabeza

poro por poro recorro tu cuerpo

explorando, estudiando

queriendo saber la historia

de cada cicatriz

te contaria mil historias

con tal de oir una tuya

me intrigas


So theres this song.

I could sink to the bottom of you
with a stone on a chain
without breathing in
I could tell you and tell you again
that there is only one
though many have been

lie down
fall in
pass out
while I'm wide awake
with the lights out
you're in safe hands
of that one man
who can fix his petite machine

you're not lonely in seconds of doubt
and the doubt is in me
next to certainty
back and forth as it always has been
and ever will be
as long as we're not in between

lie down
fall in
pass out
while I'm wide awake
with the lights out
you're in safe hands
of that one man
who can fix his petite machine

A Great Day

Esto no es chuleria. Es un BLog



As you can see, my music has been uptated to the latest dj set of the young and upcoming dj juan vallejo, having known him since kids its an honor to be the first one to feature him throught the web, so fellow readers how bout it you be the judge for all u techno/house fans, i think i found your jam!

To download:

1. Florence and the Machine - Drumming Song (Boy 8-bit Remix)
2. Cirez D- On Off
3. David Tort – Acid (Lost in Acid Ausfhart Mix)
4. Tim Berg – Alcoholic
5. Huggy & Dean Newton – 747
6. Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl w/ Carl Craig – In Green Trees w/ Plasmic Honey – Dance Slut w/ Felix – You Want Me
7. Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – King of Drop
8. De Bos – On The Run (Ralvero Get Down Remix)
9. TV Rock – In The Air (Axwell Remix)
10. Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South, David Guetta – How Soon is Now w/ John Dahlback – Pyramid
11. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix)